Flossing: Just how clean is your mouth?

Posted on: March 23, 2015


When it comes to dental health most people probably think about brushing teeth, check-ups, and limiting sugar; however, there is one very important part of caring for your teeth that often gets overlooked: flossing your teeth. Now you are probably thinking that flossing takes too much time, or maybe that mouth wash will do the same thing as flossing; but, here are four reasons that flossing matters.
  1. Flossing Protects You Teeth Flossing is not so much about removing food from your teeth, as much as it is about removing plaque and germs from them. If you allow plaque  to stay on your teeth, you might end up with gum disease, or worse lose your teeth.smile
  2. A Better Smile Mouth wash and whitening treatments are no substitute for consistent and proper brushing and flossing. Simply being consistent with your flossing will truly brighten your smile; remember, it’s about removing the stains on your teeth, not hiding them.
  3.  Bad Breath Have you ever eaten something incredibly tasty, only to realize that your breath stinks? Or, perhaps you have woken up after a nice long rest only to discover you have the dreaded “morning breath.” Flossing removes the stinky bacteria and plaque that stays in your mouth long after that delicious cheesecake is gone.
  4. Cleaner Mouth As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details’ and brushing your teeth, as extremely important as it is, is not a detailed enough. The bristles of your tooth brush are clumsy and work best on the larger surfaces of your teeth. Flossing on the other hand looks at the details and reaches the areas of your teeth that a tooth brush simply cannot reach.
So, what do you need to do to take your flossing more seriously? The American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth twice per day and that you should floss once per day. It does not really matter what time of day you floss, just make sure that you do and that you do it each day. Lastly, don’t forget children have teeth too and still need to floss, so make sure that if you have children that you help them floss too.For more information on flossing click here.