5 Facts About Your Toothbrush

Posted on: April 2, 2015

toothbrushesToothbrushes: everyone has one, but how well do you really know your toothbrush? You might be thinking “What’s there to know, it’s a toothbrush,” but even your toothbrush deserves a little extra attention. Here are five tips from our dentist to consider regarding your current toothbrush and a few tips when you go to buy a new one.1.They don’t last forever: Did you know that your toothbrush should be replaced about four times a year? That’s right, most of the time your toothbrush is only effective for three months and then it needs to be replaced. However, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the brush. If the bristles are becoming smashed, fluffy, or damaged, you should replace it sooner. Also, if you’ve been ill or had a cold, it’s not a bad idea to replace your toothbrush then either.bristles2.Not All Toothbrushes are Equal: Make sure you buy the right toothbrush. We all know that using a child-size brush wouldn’t be a good idea for an adult, but you should also consider that some toothbrushes are not as good as others. To be safe, only buy a toothbrush that carries the American Dental Association’s (ADA) logo. This logo means that the brush that carries it has been tested to ensure the bristles won’t fall out, the handle won’t snap, and that the parts of the brush are safe in your mouth. Below is a picture of the ADA logo.ADA Seal3.Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean: On their website, Oral-B shows that taking care of your toothbrush can be simple. When you’re at home you simply need to store your toothbrush in a cup like the one shown below. If you are going to store multiple brushes in the cup, then make sure there are dividers to keep the brushes separate. When you are on vacation or traveling, make sure your toothbrush is not just floating around in a bag collecting all sorts of germs; use a toothbrush cover like the ones shown below. Both of these items are relatively inexpensive. At Target the cup only costs $5 and the travel case is about $1.toothbrush cover tooth brush holder4.Is an Electric Toothbrush Better than a Manual? The short answer is no. It does not matter if you are using an electric or manual toothbrush. What is crucial is that the teeth are being brushed properly and being brushed twice per day. Kids and adults may find the electric brush to be more exciting, but that is about all the additional benefit that an electric toothbrush provides.5.It’s Not Enough: Brushing your teeth is not enough by itself. Even if you have a good toothbrush, manage to clean every tooth, and brush twice per day it will not be enough. A toothbrush cleans the surfaces that are easy to get to, but it won’t get the gaps between each tooth. Make sure that you are flossing once per day in addition to brushing with a good, ADA approved toothbrush, and make sure you come visit Dr. Muir on a regular basis.

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